Main features

Compact units, with the generic denomination of UAL / CL1, have been designed for incorporated use in luminaries or watertight boxes.

Internally, all the necessary elements (Ballast, ignitor and capacitor) are incorporated and connected to adequately drive the specified lamp types. Only low Δt ballasts are used for their construction.

Depending on the type, these units can feature thermal protector and/or cyclic pulse type timed ignitor.


Advantages of UAL / CL1 integrated compact sets compared to traditional unassembled elements systems:

  • The use of compact control gear units avoids the tiresome and expensive task of having to connect the equipment’s constitutive elements. Also connection mistakes and their difficult checking are avoided.
  • Space advantage is also a fact when UAL / CL1 compact units are used, as the required volume inside the luminaire is minimum due to their compact construction. There is no need for extra fixation or connection accessories

(Terminal blocks, metal boards), because these elements are also incorporated, due to the design of these units.


Optional incorporated protections in UAL units

Thermal protection: Some HID lamp types can develop intensity rectifying effect at the end of their life, when they are exhausted. This leads to a great increase of control gear heat. This phenomenon is practically nonexistent in HPS lamps, and is more frequent in MH lamps.

UAL T / CL1 and UAL TT / CL1 types incorporate an auto resettable thermal switch for overheating protection. When the internal temperature rises over a safety limit, the thermo switch is activated and disconnects the ballast from mains, to minimise damages to lamp associated electric components.

For indoor installations with MH lamps (Department stores, shops, showcases, etc.) we thoroughly recommend the use of units featuring thermal protection.

Both types UAL T / CL1 and UAL TT / CL1 incorporate thermal protectors. UAL / CL1 (without thermal protector) is also available as a special version.

Timed ignitor: UAL TT / CL1 units incorporate a digitally controlled pulse (DCP) ignition sequence which allows pauses for lamp cooling. This model is specially recommended for lamp types which struggle to hot restrike (Ceramic burner MH 35, 70, 100 and 150W), and for installations without maintenance.

The use of these cyclic timed ignitor units prevents damages to lamp and control gear components during hot lamp restrikes, after mains failure. In these circumstances high voltage ignition attempts will be limited to a maximum duration of 25 minutes, avoiding useless tiring of control gear with exhausted lamps, which can not restrike.








Lamp intensity


3 – 2.15

Line voltage



Line frequency



Line intensity



Power factor


> 0.9

Ignition peak voltage



Ignitor load capacity



Distance to lamp


MH <= 2

HPS <= 10

Tw (bal)



Ta max






Max. wire section



Max. number of units




Thermal protection


Featured in T and TT types

Cyclic timed ignitor


Only featured in TT types


Earth connection of these units can be done by use of metallic screw and dented pressure washer at any of its fixing points.

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