Produced commercially for years, Predatory Mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis) are an effective biological control for use against the two spotted spider mite. These natural enemies do not bite people, feed on other insects or injure plants. Once released, they will immediately begin searching for food on the underside of leaves. Control of a light infestation should occur in two to three weeks. On heavier infestations a second release may be required.

On severely infested plants (webbing and feeding marks will be noticed) it is important that you reduce the pest infestation prior to releasing predators. Consider spraying with an insecticidal soap or other non-residual insect control. If only a few plants are infested, consider removing them.

P. persimilis are shipped in corn cob grit or vermiculite to give them some bulk. Extra predators are sent to compensate for mortality during shipment. To release, gently tumble the container to mix the contents and shake the predators out close to mite infestations. The following release rates have been established:

• 1-2 per infested leaf
• 20-30 per medium sized plant
• 2,000 per 700 square feet

Heavy infestations may require a second release.

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SPIDEX, Phytoseiulus persimilis (predatory mite)

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