• T5 4x54w 216W, Grow

An exceptional compact design and very flat: 4X54W so 216W
4700 Lumens/Tube so 4X4700 Lumens
This is a Neon Kit suitable for growth and bloom! Totally IMPRESSIVE results in growth, the device does not produce heat. It is possible to turn on the 2 neon in the center, or the 2 neon on the external. This lighting is equipped with 2 buttons on the side for an easy use while the different vegetative phases.
Thanks to its ideal dimensions: 119x35x8cm, it will offer an ideal distribution: 0.8m² of high yields!
This 216W device is ideal for blooming if you use 4 red tubes 2700K.
Ideal for culture rooms in growth:
110x65x160 cloning box

For bloom, the ideal culture rooms are:
DUAL 120x80x200cm

This kit is ideal for long spaces: 119x35x8cm
The results are totally comparable to a HPS 250W, with a more uniform distribution.
The plants are less hot so they sweat less, so they can produce more, sugar are better transformed, and colors of your plants are better.
A technology 100 P.A.R, your plants will love this new T5!
Product tested and approved.
Color: brown epoxy texture with hanger metallic, ideal design for hanging
This device is good for scenery as well as for very high yields crops.
1 year warranty.
COMES WITH THE TUBES 6500K (growth).

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T5 4x54w 216W, Grow

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