• Philips SONT PLUS 250w

High Pressure Sodium Lamp Philips for the Flowering Stage.

The grow light Philips Son-T Pia Master Plus 250W is a high pressure sodium lamp with light tubular outer bulb high output and long reliable lifetime.
This is probably the best 250w grow bulb on the market for the flowering stage.
The Philips Master Son-T Pia Plus produces more plant-useable light than any other lamp out there and it lasts much longer!

Philips Son-t Master 250w More Information

  • Clear tubular outer bulb
  • Because of its orange-red spectrum it is suitable for the flowering stage
  • Ceramic discharge tube with Philips Integrated Antenna (PIA) for a long and reliable lifetime.
  • 33.000 lumens
  • Completely lead-free lamps
  • High energy efficacy and absence of lead (Pb) makes this a sound environmental offer
  • High luminous efficacy makes this the most energy efficient HPS lamp

Using the Sunmaster 250W Son-T Plus Dual Spectrum HPS Lamp:

Mounting this lamp is very simple and fast.
You just need to screw the lamp, holding it with a clean cloth, into the E40 bulb-holder fitting of your reflector until it will turn no further. Be sure that the lamp is well screwed into the holder.
Now you have to connect your reflector cable to your 250W MH/HPS ballast (it is very important to choose a magnetic or electronic ballast with the same wattage of the grow light, for example - 250w). The Hydroponics Grow Shop recommends you replace your lamp regularly to maintain your garden efficiency.

Recommended "electronic ballast" for growing with this grow bulb: 250w sonlight electronic ballast mh/hps

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Philips SONT PLUS 250w

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