• Superplant MH/HPS bulb
  • Coverage Area: 3' x 3' (0.9m x 0.9m) up to 3.5' x 3.5' (1m x 1m)

  • How Far From Plants? Keep 12+ inches (30cm) away from tops of plants

  • Average Yields: 200 - 400 g (7 - 14 ounces) - less for beginners, more for the pros - get the biggest yields by filling the entire grow area with a wide even canopy and remember that the strain (genetics) you grow with also makes a huge difference in your final yields

  • Notes: 400W is one of the two most popular sizes for small-scale growers (along with 600W). A 400W grow light runs relatively cool compared to most other HID lights, but packs quite a punch when it comes to yields. Generally it’s a good idea to set up an exhaust for a 400W grow light to manage temperatures.

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Superplant MH/HPS bulb

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