• GHE AeroFarm aerohydroponic system


Try aero-hydroponics now!
the first – and most economical – of all aero-hydroponic systems

Did you want to try aero-hydroponics but never found a simple and economical way to do it? Well, now it’s possible thanks to the AeroFarm, GHE’s latest growing module.

7 good reasons to adopt it:

  1. The AeroFarm (45 x 45 x 43 cm) fits perfectly in small growing areas.
  2. Like the AquaFarm, it is made with heavy-duty recycled plastics, and includes a barrier against light and UV to prevent algae from growing in the reservoir.
  3. It holds 1 to 5 plants and may be used for mothers as well as for complete crop cycles.
  4. It has a large reservoir (up to 45 l) and easy access to the nutritive solution.
  5. It is very easy to assemble, to clean and to maintain. It is user-friendly and comes with a set of detailed instructions.
  6. An AeroFarm means NO MORE SUBSTRATE to move up and down, and to discard. Simply use the plastic net-pots or the coco pots with the coco covers, or, if you really wish, just fill the pots with a few clay pebbles.
  7. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: if you already have an AquaFarm and wish to try aero-hydroponics now, keep your reservoir and simply buy the AeroFarm conversion kit. You’ll be set in no time.

The AeroFarm exists in 2 standard models : for 2" (Ø 5 cm) or 3“ (Ø 7,5 cm) pots. It holds 1 to 5 plants and can be used for propagation, production or to keep mother-plants. If you wish to transplan,t it is better to use the AeroFarm which pot size coincides with your final growing system (Ø 5 cm pots for the DPS Aero and Ø 7,5 cm for the AeroFlos).

  • When to use an AeroFarm?
    The AeroFarm is an ideal tool if you wish to try aeroponics at low cost. It can be used from propagating all the way to harvesting. If you are an AquaFarm user, you can switch from a ? hydro ? to an ? aero ? system with minimum investment. Simply buy an ? AeroFarm ? conversion kit and start immediately.
  • How to use an AeroFarm?
    Follow the instructions provided with your system. They are simple and thorough. They include assembly and maintenance information plus the ?basics? on propagation and nutritive solution management.
  • Which are the advantages of the AeroFarms?
    It allows you to try aeroponics at low cost, easily, and go all the way to harvest.
  • How long before I see the results?
    Very rapidly. The spectacular results due to hydroponic growing will surprise you very quickly, and make you want to do more.
  • Why use an AeroFarm?
    The AeroFarm is the best growing system for its flexibility, its price, its quality, its durability, and its excellent performance

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GHE AeroFarm aerohydroponic system

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