Plant walls and modules are a popular phytodesign element in modern interiors. Plant Walls are ecologically friendly and enrich any place with natural atmosphere. Aquaplant is the first and only company who offers Plant Wall products on Estonian market. We can bring nature everywhere.

Plant Wall - is an indoor vertical garden based on hydroponic system. It works on electricity and automatically waters and lightens itself. Profile of the Plant Wall is usually about 30 cm, so it doesn’t take much space. Plant Walls can have various sizes from 1 m2 to 100 m2 (depending on the size of the place).1 m2 costs approximately 500 eur (depending on the choice of the plants)

Main advantages of the Plant Walls:

1. Plant Walls purify the air and contribute to strong health. Most of the plants used for the Plant walls are the best air filtering plants according to Nasa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Clean Air Study. They clean the air from such chemical substances as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene which have bad influence on human’s health. Moreover, plants create not only the oxygen, they also produce bioflavonoid - organic molecules that protects them (and air around them) from bacteria and enriches the quality of air. Some of plants give strong smell of freshness and can successfully be used instead of artificial air refreshening sprays. Plants with high concentrated of essential oils also keep insects away.

2. Plant walls are produced with nowadays most progressive gardening methods. Plant walls are based on hydroponic system - a subset of hydroculture, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water, without soil. Hydroponic systems are combined with additional lightening (lamps with special spectre for plants). Hydroponic set and lamps replace sun and rain for plants, what enables plant growing in any places. Plant Wall irrigation and lightening is working automatically, people don’t need to water the plants or turn on and off the light.

3. Plant Walls create natural atmosphere, provide inspiration and education. Natural environment and especially green colour gives calming and harmonious effect on human mind and reduces stress. Plant walls provide beautiful and vital environment for relaxation, inspiration and work. Plant Walls create a direct link to ecological design, a popular topic of today. They allow to experience nature in dense urban environment, while taking minimum space of the room. Together with our Plant walls we provide info boards with maximum information about the system, the plants we use and how it all works.

Aquaplant is a company which provides all needed for progressive plant growing equipment and knowledge. The goal of our project is popularization of already known in the whole world methods of modern plant growing in Baltic States. The new level which is reached by the science allows to create the perfect conditions of nutrition, light and grow for your favourite plants. We strongly believe that symbiosis of man and nature awakens our best feelings, because human and nature are related and we all need to stay in touch with our natural environment. We can keep this natural connection by caring about our beloved plants at home or in the garden. Plants show their gratitude by their intensive grow, gorgeous flowering and positive energy. Nowadays the weather or the location are no longer a barrier for inspirational ideas. You can chose any plant you like and get the best results with it. It doesn’t matter if you like cactuses, orchids or tomatoes - now all the experience of professionals is available for you too. Years of researches and scientific work are spend to enable your way to the plants of your dreams.

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Plant wall

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