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Aqua Vega

AQUA VEGA has been specially developed to fully meet the plant’s needs during growth. It is used in recirculation systems such as NFT, ebb and flow systems and for cultivation using clay pebbles.

Directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelates and trace elements guarantee an ideal start for flowering.



CANNA Aqua is the feeding that should used when cultivating with recirculation systems where the drainage water isn’t removed but is reused.

In this sort of system the plants are in direct contact with the nutrient solution. Because the plants do not absorb all the nutritional elements with equal speed or in equal volumes, the composition of the nutrient solution changes over time.

CANNA Aqua has been developed in such a way as to ensure that the plants can always absorb the correct combination of nutritional elements that are necessary for optimum growth and flowering. The formula is made up so that the plants regulate the pH value themselves so that the pH in the nutrient tank always remains within the optimum pH range. This means that having once set the correct starting pH no further correction is necessary.

In this way CANNA makes one of the most complex cultivation systems considerably easier for the grower. It’s not for nothing that the majority of growers in the UK, a country where recirculation systems are extremely popular, use CANNA Aqua.

CANNA Aqua is a very interesting cultivation method that produces very little waste.

Aqua Vega Directions of Use

  • Professional hydo feeding for recirculating water systems.
  • A ready to use plant feeding solution is made by diluting the A & B concentrates in equal proportions in tap water. Shake well before use! Fill the feeding tank with water. Add AQUA VEGA A and AQUA VEGA B, in the ratio of 20 ml A and 20 ml B to 10 litres of water (1:500). Stir well and allow the feeding solution to stand for a couple of hours.
  • Recommended pH value: 5.2 - 6.2.
  • Recommended EC value: 1.1 - 1.9 mS/cm2.
  • Due to the special composition of the Aqua feeding it is not necessary to adjust the pH level after setting it initially.
  • For use during the growing phase (18 hours light) and the first 1-3 weeks of the flowering phase(12 hours light). Switch to Aqua Flores when the flowers start to form or when the pH level of the circulation water starts to drop below 5.0 - 5.2. Renew the feeding regularly.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store closed, frost free and in the dark.
  • The A & B concentrates should never be mixed when undiluted since this will cause insoluble compounds to form.
  • Over-fertilization can endanger the medium’s productivity or have a negative influence on the quality of the plants. This product should not be used in protected natural areas, areas containing swamp and reed lands, in hedges and woodland, standing water or in or close to areas where water is extracted.
  • Rinse thoroughly if the product comes in contact with the skin or eyes.


About Aqua

High yields

CANNA Aqua is the nutrition for hydro culture systems in which the nutrient solution is re-used (recycled). No soil or other substrate is necessary for this cultivation method because the Aqua nutrients are fed directly to the plant’s roots. Due to the meticulous control of the supply of nutrients during the growth and flowering phases of plant, CANNA ensures there is a large yield when using CANNA Aqua. It is not for nothing that in Great Britain, where most growers work with these systems, the majority of them choose CANNA Aqua.

User friendly

Because the plants do not absorb all the nutritional elements with equal speed or in equal volumes, the composition and acid level of the nutrient solution changes over time. CANNA Aqua is made in such a way that the plant is always able to absorb a sufficient amount of the correct nutrients and arrange the pH itself. In this way the pH always remains within the optimum limits. The pH fluctuates within the optimum values of 5.2 and 6.2 and does not need to be adjusted. Note: this value can be exceeded for a short time while the roots take.

This makes CANNA Aqua unique compared to all other existing nutrient formulas and this is how it simplifies one of the most complex cultivation systems for growers.

Precise cultivation

Aqua growers want to have full control over the development of their plants. This is possible because they are able to determine precisely what the plant absorbs. Due to the absence of a substrate, measuring the nutrient solution gives a clear idea of the nutrition that is available to the plants. A substrate has a buffering capability, which means that sometimes nutrients become available at a later time. CANNA has developed Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores in order to provide the plants with the correct elements during the various phases of their development in the best way possible.

Tested through and through

CANNA Aqua was introduced in 1999 after it had complied with CANNA’s strict quality requirements. After years of testing and fine-tuning and an unprecedented number of cultivation tests in the CANNA RESEARCH laboratories, the correct formula was found.
This unique combination of laboratory and field tests produced an enormous amount of information. The result is that CANNA Aqua sets itself apart with its versatility, stability, yield and ease of use.

Cultivation systems

A hydro culture cultivation system will be a must-have in the house of the future. They are suitable for both small and large-scale systems and the direct control options mean higher yields when the correct nutrients are used. With the arrival of increasingly sophisticated measuring equipment and technological advancements the future of hydroponics appears bright. This type of system will provide the astronauts with fresh food during the Mars expeditions.

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Aqua Vega 2x5L

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